SUPER IRIDIUM ® The authentic blades “Made in Russia” !

Super Iridium ®


For much users, these razor blades are the best in the world.


They have the big advantage of combining exceptional cutting, extreme softness and a very good longevity.


Manufactured in St Petersburg (Russia) by Procter & Gamble ® they have one disadvantage, their scarcity. Indeed, it is very difficult to find them.

For this reason they became “The object of desir”.


On the forums of universe’ shaving these blades make the unanimity.

They are usually sold between 4,90 and 5,90€ the package of 10 blades.


IMPORTANT : false blades “Made in China” circulate but they are of poor quality.



Our super offer :


- 1 package of 10 blades : 3,90€

- 4 packages of 10 blades : 14€ (instead of 15,60€)

- 10 packages of 10 blades : 30€ (instead of 39€)

- 1 cartridge of 25 packages, 250 blades : 69€ (instead of 97,50€)


To know the international cost of shipping (variable according the quantity, the country and the mode of shipping) and/ or to order : contact@thebestrazorblades.com - Tél. +33 6 89 77 93 97



More information on this blades :











SUPER IRIDIUM® : exceptional cutting, extreme softness and a very good longevity.

Traditional razor EDWIN JAGGER® DE89Lbl , SUPER IRIDIUM® blades , FENIQIA® rosemary shaving past, SOMERSETS® Extra oil sensitive shaving . Other best : shaving cream WELEDA® for sensitive skin.

SUPER IRIDIUM® : The bar code. One way to differentiate authentic blades of fake blades of poor quality.

Traditional razor EDWIN JAGGER® DE89Lbl : highly appreciated by users (about € 28 on Amazon). Beautiful, sweet and effective.

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